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Taking care of your

child’s teeth

We know that you want the very best for your child - and we do too! At Drayton Dental Care our goal is to ensure your child enjoys healthy teeth for life. Our commitment to you and your family begins from their very first appointment where we will introduce them to the dental practice in our comfy, cosy and homely setting. 

All children under the age of 18 will benefit from free dental health examinations when a parent regularly attends our practice, and we also provide family dental appointments to help make accessing your dental care as easy as possible.
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Prevention is best!

Children are born free from dental disease, yet by adulthood 95% of the population has active gum disease and most people have experienced some tooth decay and even tooth loss. 

At Drayton Dental Care it is our belief that dental disease can be prevented – and we feel so passionately about this that we provide FREE dental health examinations for children right up until their 18th birthday when a parent joins our practice and attends at least annually.

During your child’s dental appointments, we will check the health of the teeth, gums, and mouth looking for signs of damage or decay and plaque build-up - just as we would for your adult dental health review. We will also teach your child about brushing and flossing techniques, ensuring this is always fun and interesting so that they are excited to put their new skills into action. In this way, we can create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

  • Discreet treatment option. You can keep the fact that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment a secret from friends, family and work colleagues

  • Invisalign® is good for treating mild to moderate cases in patients of all ages

  • The average treatment time with Invisalign® is 6-18 months

  • The clear aligners fit comfortably over your teeth

  • The Invisalign aligners can be easily removed for eating, brushing your teeth, and the occasional night out. This means that they are better for the health of your gums

  • Thanks to our advanced software and iTero scanner, you can see a 3D digital preview of how your smile will look before your treatment starts

  • Treatment at Drayton Dental Care is provided by our experienced dentists and a specialist orthodontist, meaning that you will receive the best care at every stage of your journey

  • Invisalign clear aligners start at £2,150 and we are pleased to offer finance options to help spread the cost of treatment

  • Your Invisalign package includes free teeth whitening and one set of retainers

I've just recently signed up to Drayton Dental with my son. The dentist was so patient with my four year old and they even gave him a sticker when he finished.

Rebekah Q

Preventing dental decay at Drayton Dental Care

At Drayton Dental Care we are pleased to offer fluoride varnish treatment for children at our practice to help prevent tooth decay. This is a very quick and simple procedure that we can do at their next dental appointment and simply requires a gel being painted onto their teeth using a soft brush. The gel even tastes nice! 

Another effective method of preventing dental decay in children is fissure sealants or dental sealants. These help to protect their back teeth, which are often the ones that the toothbrush may miss. Fissure sealants are clear or white in colour, so they are undetectable in the mouth. The sealant is painted onto their back teeth and makes the surface smoother to help prevent food becoming trapped. The sealant usually lasts between three and five years and we will assess it during your child’s free dental examinations. 

Regular care for your family

To maintain a healthy mouth and confident smile for life, it is essential that effective dental care starts early. Families at our practice are encouraged to bring their children to us for their initial visit as soon as their first tooth appears. This helps your child to become accustomed to the sights, sounds, smells, and faces at our dental practice from an early age, making it a familiar and friendly place for their future appointments. 

After that, regular dental visits are vital for maintaining long-term dental health to help keep mouths free from tooth decay and gum disease. At Drayton Dental Care we believe in teaching children the most effective brushing techniques from a young age, so that they will take these skills into adulthood. In this way, we can give your child a wonderful gift… a healthy smile for life.

Family dental appointments

We know that life can get busy, especially when you have a growing family. That’s why we aim to make regular dental health examinations as easy as possible for you with family dental appointments at Drayton Dental Care. Our patients in Drayton, Taverham, Costessey, Hellesdon and Norwich find this really helps them to fit everything around their busy schedules!

When should children start brushing?

Our advice is to start early! As soon as their first tooth appears, introduce your child to a toothbrush and toothpaste. Most children will want to brush their own teeth but we recommend overseeing and guiding them until they are old enough to brush correctly, usually around age eight. 

Children up to three years old should use a toothpaste with a fluoride level of at least 1,000ppm (parts per million). After that, we should all use toothpaste that contains 1,350ppm - 1,500ppm. Children should use a pea-sized amount on their toothbrush and babies just a smear. During your child’s free dental examinations we can explain which toothpastes contain the correct levels of fluoride for their age group, and share some of our favourites with you. 

Did you know that children should floss their teeth too? As soon as teeth come through that touch together, it is important to introduce dental floss to clean between the teeth. While this may seem early, it will help flossing to become a normal habit that they will continue long into their adulthood. The dentists and hygienists at Drayton Dental Care will be able to share the best flossing tools and techniques to make this as easy and fun as possible!

Lovely friendly dentist surgery. Put myself and my three children completely at ease. Couldn’t believe how happy my children were to sit on the special chair and have their teeth checked!

Helen M

Top tips for healthy teeth

Enjoying a wide and balanced diet is important for people of all ages, but particularly for children who should be encouraged to eat healthily from as young as possible.

The foods and drinks we give our children at an early age can both shape their adult eating patterns and have a drastic effect on the health of their teeth. It is well known that sugar causes tooth decay, however, it is not just the amount of sugar contained in children’s food and drink that matters, but how often these sugary things are in their mouths. 

Here are our top tips for encouraging excellent dental health for your children…

  • 1. Sweets and chocolate

    Encourage savoury tastes wherever possible. However, when eating sweets and chocolate, do so in one sitting rather than spreading them through the day. This is so that children’s teeth are not exposed to sugar for too long.

  • 2. Limit sweet foods and juice to mealtimes

    Fruit juice contains natural sugars that can cause decay. Dilute juice with water and limit it to mealtimes. Milk and water are best between meals. Eating these foods and drinks at mealtimes helps lower the acidity levels in the mouth caused by sugar.

  • 3. Cut down on sugar

    Sugar causes tooth decay. It is not just the amount of sugar in food and drink that matters, but, more importantly, how often there are sugary things in the mouth. Sweet drinks (especially those in a bottle or with a sports cap), sweets and lollipops are particularly bad because the teeth are bathed in sugar for a considerable time.

  • 4. Make toothbrushing fun

    If your child is refusing to brush their teeth – we’ve all been there – try making it a fun exercise instead of a chore. You could find one of the many short YouTube videos about toothbrushing for them to follow or play their favourite song for them to brush (and dance!) to.

  • 5. Follow your lead

    Many children like to feel grown up and independent, so you could try making toothbrushing time a family affair. If you brush your teeth at the same time, they will feel more ‘adult’ as they follow your lead.

  • 6. Always use fluoride toothpaste

    Fluoride is important for maintaining a healthy smile, but you should be using the correct level for your child’s age group. Children up to three years old should use a toothpaste with a fluoride level of at least 1,000ppm, after that, we should all use toothpaste that contains 1,350ppm - 1,500ppm. Children should use a pea-sized amount on their toothbrush and babies just a smear.

  • 7. Attend regular dental examinations

    Regular dental examinations allow your dentist to ensure everything looks healthy and advise if there are any problems that require treatment. At Drayton Dental Care we provide free dental health examinations for children right up until their 18th birthday when a parent joins our practice and attends at least annually.

  • 8. Floss like a boss

    As soon as your child has teeth that touch, food can become trapped. This is when you should introduce flossing to their dental hygiene routine. It might seem early, but you know what we say, the sooner the better for great oral care habits that last a lifetime!

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