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At Drayton Dental Care your dental health is our top priority - our goal is to save your teeth and keep you smiling. That’s why if we spot decay during your dental health review, we will provide you with a treatment plan to resolve the problem and restore your smile in the most minimally invasive way. If your decay or damage is too extensive for a white filling, an inlay or onlay could be the ideal solution for you.
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All you need to know about inlays and onlays

  • Inlays and onlays are custom-made restorations that are used when a tooth is too damaged or decayed for a regular filling

  • Your inlay or onlay will be created in our dental laboratory from the highest quality ceramic materials to ensure strength and aesthetics

  • Once in place, your restoration will look seamless

  • Inlays and onlays will save your smile by protecting the tooth from further damage

Absolutely fantastic dental care. Really superb support and work from Vasiliki and Ashlee. Thank you.

Stephen Y


Ceramic inlays


Ceramic onlays


Your inlay or onlay treatment journey

What happens when you need an inlay or an onlay?
Let’s take a look…

  • 1. Your first appointment

    After ensuring you are relaxed and comfortable, your dentist will first use a local anaesthetic to numb the area to ensure that you won’t feel a thing during your treatment. Your dentist will then remove any tooth decay using a dental drill… this might be noisy but we promise it won’t hurt at all. We will then take an impression of the tooth and send it to our dental laboratory who will create your inlay or onlay. In the meantime, we will place a temporary filling to protect your tooth.

  • 2. Your second appointment

    Once your inlay or onlay has returned to us from the dental laboratory, you will come back so that the dentist can remove the temporary filling and permanently fit your new inlay or onlay.

  • 3. Regular dental health reviews

    It is important to attend your regular dental health reviews so that we can ensure your new restoration is sound and check the ongoing health of the rest of your teeth.

        What is an inlay or an onlay?

        During a dental health review, we will sometimes spot a dental cavity or damage on the back teeth. If caught in the early stages we can treat this with a white filling, but if the damaged area is too large, the best treatment option is an inlay or an onlay. We always advise undergoing treatment as soon as you are able to so that the damage does not become worse, if it does your treatment option may require a dental crown or bridge instead, which is more costly.

        Inlays and onlays are used to treat damage on the back teeth. An inlay is used to repair the centre of the tooth, an onlay is used when the damage also affects the raised parts of the tooth (cusps). An onlay is a bigger restoration than an inlay.

        What does the treatment for inlays and onlays involve?

        The procedure for an inlay or onlay requires two appointments.

        Your dentist will use a local anaesthetic to numb the area prior to removing the decay using a dental drill. Many people are concerned about the use of the drill, but we can assure you that the procedure is completely painless and comfortable.

        A dental impression or digital scan will then be taken of the clean and decay-free tooth, which will be sent to the dental laboratory who will use this to create an inlay or onlay that will perfectly fit your affected tooth and provide a seamless, highly aesthetic result. To protect your tooth in the meantime, your dentist will place a temporary filling.

        Your second appointment will be scheduled after your inlay or onlay has been sent to us from the dental laboratory. The dentist will remove the temporary filling and permanently attach your new inlay or onlay. The filling will be strong enough to protect the tooth against further decay, and you will be able to eat normally as well.

        Will my inlay or onlay be visible?

        Inlays and onlays at Drayton Dental Care are made by our dental laboratory using the best dental ceramic available. This means that your restoration will be strong and functional to stand the test of time and also highly aesthetic so that no one will be able to see it in your mouth.

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