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composite bonding

Composite bonding at Drayton Dental Care is an excellent way to repair cracked, chipped and discoloured teeth; close gaps and reshape misaligned teeth. The result is a straighter, more uniform smile. It can also be used to replace silver amalgam fillings.
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All you need to know about composite bonding

  • Composite bonding is a minimally invasive treatment, meaning that we don’t need to remove any healthy tooth structure

  • With composite bonding, you can achieve the smile of your dreams in just one appointment

  • No injections or drilling is required, composite bonding is a completely pain-free treatment

  • Composite bonding works well in conjunction with other treatments such as orthodontics or Invisalign to straighten the teeth, and teeth whitening to brighten the teeth

  • Composite bonding costs from £300 per tooth and we will provide a full breakdown of costs during your free cosmetic consultation

Can’t praise the team at this dentist enough they have saved my teeth. They are kind and very helpful.

Clara N


Starting from


Per tooth

0% interest finance starts at £500. Monthly payments from £41.66

we also offer low interest credit over a longer term

Your composite bonding treatment journey

Are you dreaming of a stunning smile?
Let's get started...

  • 1. Your free cosmetic consultation

    We are pleased to offer free cosmetic consultations with our experienced dentists, Dr Carmen Pop and Dr Vasiliki Stamatoukou. This will allow our dentists to speak to you about your smile goals so that they can suggest composite bonding treatment options for you.

  • 2. Ready to go ahead?

    If you decide that composite bonding treatment is for you, we will book your composite bonding appointment at a time that suits you. The treatment is pain free with no downtime, so you’ll be able to eat, speak and smile with confidence immediately.

  • 3. Have your treatment carried out

    Today is the big day! You will come to Drayton Dental Care to have your composite bonding treatment carried out. The procedure itself is comfortable and quick, with no drilling or injections required. You will leave with your new smile after just one appointment.

  • 4. Review appointment

    Our patients always love the results of their composite bonding but we like to provide a follow-up appointment as part of your treatment plan. This allows us to make any tweaks to your smile if required.

  • 5. Regular dental health reviews

    Great oral health is key to a good-looking smile for the long term. That’s why we advise that you continue to attend your regular dental health reviews and hygiene appointments to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy, protecting the investment you have made in your smile.

        What is composite bonding?

        Artistic composite bonding is probably the most conservative of all the cosmetic treatments. It involves minimum alteration to your original tooth and is reversible if none of the tooth enamel is removed.

        The material used for composite bonding treatment is matched very closely to the shade of your natural teeth and the results are seen immediately, allowing us to dramatically improve your smile in a single appointment.

        As easy as ABC

        Composite bonding works extremely well as part of a wider treatment plan that we often refer to as ABC; or align, brighten and contour. This is a minimally invasive treatment route, which means we can achieve a gorgeous smile makeover in the healthiest way – with no removal of any tooth structure.

        This method, which can use one, two or all three treatments, can start with orthodontics to bring your teeth into alignment, followed by teeth whitening to brighten the shade. We can then use composite bonding to make any final adjustments to the shape and size of your teeth to create that ‘perfect’ aesthetic.

        With the ABC technique, carrying out teeth alignment and whitening first means that we will need to use less composite material at the final stage. This creates that lovely natural aesthetic that you will absolutely adore.

        Having been a dental nurse many years ago, it’s very important to me to have faith in my dentist and the dental health care team. ALL the lovely people at Drayton Dental Care tick the boxes for me. It’s a pleasure to visit them and I look forward to seeing them at my six monthly check later this year.

        KAREN G

        How composite bonding works

        During your free cosmetic consultation we will listen to your smile goals to gain an understanding of what you would like to achieve from your treatment.

        When you come in for your treatment, we will check the shade of your natural teeth, using a dental shade guide, so that we can match the composite material used for a seamless result.

        We will then clean the area to be treated and apply a gel that roughens the surface. This does not cause damage; it just allows the composite material to stick. The material will be applied in layers and sculpted by hand to create the desired shape.

        You will have the chance to review how your smile looks and we can make changes until you are completely happy… our patients always adore their results! To finish, the composite material will be smoothed and polished so that it looks and feels just like your natural teeth.

        Your smile makeover in just one appointment

        Composite bonding is a popular treatment here at Drayton Dental Care because it is kind to teeth and provides stunning results in just one appointment.

        It can work well on its own, and it is very often used as part of a wider treatment plan. For example, many patients have composite bonding after their orthodontic or Invisalign journey as it can help to add the finishing touches to their smile. Composite bonding also works well alongside teeth whitening, as many patients prefer to brighten their shade first.

        Composite bonding masks imperfections such as:

        • Chipped teeth

        • Uneven spacing

        • Irregular sized or shaped teeth

        • Minor misalignments

        • Stubborn stains

        Book your free cosmetic consultation today.

        Free cosmetic consultations

        We are pleased to offer free cosmetic consultations with our experienced dentists, Dr Carmen Pop and Dr Vasiliki Stamatoukou. This will allow you to discuss what you like and dislike about your smile, and we can make treatment suggestions based on your unique needs.

        Get in touch with us on 01603 860 885 to book your free cosmetic consultation.

        Smile gallery

        Take a look at our composite bonding before and after smile gallery to see a sample of some of the beautiful smiles we have created.

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