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Lifelong dental wellbeing at

Drayton Dental Care

Maintaining your dental wellbeing is vital for your overall health, and regular dental health examinations and dental hygiene appointments are an essential part of your healthy living regime. Our dedicated, multi-skilled team will give you all the time needed to ensure we give you the experience and outcome you deserve.
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Your dental health is our priority

At Drayton Dental Care our primary aim is to practise preventative dentistry. This means identifying and treating potential dental problems before they become painful, complex or costly to treat. We do this through regular dental health reviews and hygiene appointments for our patients in the Drayton, Hellesdon, Taverham and surrounding areas.

Keeping your mouth, teeth and gums healthy is important and you deserve to receive professional care delivered by a highly skilled, gentle and kind dental team, which is exactly what we offer at Drayton Dental Care.

We are pleased to provide free dental health examinations for children until their 18th birthday when a parent attends the practice at least annually.

Lovely staff, very friendly and caring. A very thorough examination and lots of tips on mouth care.

Marilyn C

Dental health reviews

During your regular dental health examinations, we will undertake a review of your mouth, teeth and gums. For your peace of mind, you will also receive a mouth cancer screening as standard. This allows us to create a full picture of your dental health and gives us a baseline to compare against at every subsequent appointment; this is how we spot any concerns in the early stages, before they become bigger, painful or expensive problems.

Following your dental health review, your dental team will provide advice and any appropriate treatment recommendations tailored to your individual needs and wishes.

Your thorough dental health reviews at Drayton Dental Care includes:

  • Examination of your teeth for decay. Our dentists aim to catch tooth decay early and prevent further tooth destruction

  • An assessment of your mouth for gum disease and to prevent tooth loss

  • An assessment of your teeth for wear. This is becoming a major problem with modern Western diets and stressful lifestyles. It is essential that early wear is identified to prevent future costly and complex treatment

  • Oral cancer screening. Regular visits provide life-saving early detection of mouth cancer

Are you due a dental health examination? Contact us today to book your appointment!

Your dental wellbeing

The dentists at Drayton Dental Care are dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive and informative dental examinations.

Here is an overview of what we cover in our thorough dental health examinations.

  • 1.

    Your general health, wellbeing and medication will be discussed and the impact on your oral health and treatments considered

  • 2.

    Your teeth will be examined for decay, sensitivity, fractures and abnormal wear

  • 3.

    Restorations such as fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges and dentures will be examined to ensure they are still sound

  • 4.

    Any gum inflammation, bleeding, gum disease, plaque retentive factors and recession will be assessed

  • 5.

    Your bite will be assessed, because the way that your teeth meet can affect your jaw, teeth and any dental work present in your mouth

  • 6.

    We will look at the inside of your mouth (tongue, cheek, palate, etc.) to check for reactions to medications and diseases affecting the immune system, as well as signs of mouth cancer

  • 7.

    An oral hygiene assessment is recommended in most circumstances. Our investment in the very best hygiene cleaning technology on the market allows us to undertake Guided Biofilm Therapy. This means we can clean up to 100% of the harmful plaque (biofilm) from your teeth and gums painlessly and show you any weaknesses in your brushing and home care regime.

  • 8.

    Following this comprehensive examination, advice will be provided and any appropriate treatment tailored to your individual needs and wishes

Why is dental hygiene important?

We believe that hygiene therapy is the most important service we provide at Drayton Dental Care - dentists treat disease but hygienists will help you prevent it. Regular dental hygiene appointments are vital for helping you enjoy healthy teeth for life in Drayton, Taverham and Hellesdon.

Gum disease affects around 80% of adults and more than half of all teenagers. It’s the biggest cause of tooth loss and is linked to heart disease, bacterial lung infections, diabetes, premature births and strokes. New research also suggests there may be a link to dementia. But with good dental care and regular visits to the hygienist, the risks can be easily controlled.

Our goal is for our patients to have teeth that are strong, resilient and free from pain or discomfort. We want you to enjoy the confidence that comes with fresh breath and healthy teeth for your lifetime.

Healthy gums promote healthier teeth and without healthy gums, cosmetic or dental treatments to restore your mouth’s function are not possible. This is why we place a high level of importance on dental hygiene appointments for all of our patients.

Your dental hygiene appointment

Our hygienist, Jasmine, is passionate about providing patients with comprehensive, gentle hygiene therapy that promotes health and underpins our teeth for life philosophy.

Our passion for prevention inspired our investment in the very best hygiene cleaning technology on the market.

Our Swiss-made EMS machine allows us to carry out Guided Biofilm Therapy. This means we can clean up to 100% of the harmful plaque (biofilm) from your teeth and gums – painlessly! Why is that so important? Because it is the only way to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Professional tooth cleaning with Guided Biofilm Therapy makes you feel good: a cleaning session is like a wellness spa experience. Firstly we use disclosing tablets to identify the biofilm on your teeth. Biofilm is almost invisible to the naked eye and it can only be removed completely once it is made visible.

Jasmine will identify the areas you are missing with your usual brushing technique and she will teach you how to protect your teeth from damaging biofilm for life.

We then remove the biofilm and hard plaque (calculus) from your teeth and gum pockets gently and thoroughly using a variety of special cleaning heads, warm water, air and a flavoured powder.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

Our hygiene team will:

  • Prevent and manage gum disease

  • Deep clean your teeth and gums

  • Relieve bad breath and bad tastes

  • Advise on brushing and flossing techniques

  • Recommend interdental products for your mouth

  • Provide diet and lifestyle advice

  • Provide air polishing to remove stains and return lustre*

  • See patients on a direct access basis meaning you don't have to be a patient of our practice or see one of our dentists first

*Additional fee

Are you due a dental hygiene appointment? Contact us today to book!

I always feel that I am in the hands of an excellent practice. My new hygienist informed and pointed me to the best way to look after my teeth and gums.

Al G

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