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Enhance your smile with

dental veneers

If you are looking for the ultimate smile makeover, dental veneers at Drayton Dental Care could be the ideal treatment option for you. The thin porcelain shells will be custom made for you by our expert dental laboratory, creating your perfect new smile.
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All you need to know about dental veneers

  • You will be involved in all stages of the smile planning process

  • Our dental veneers are highly aesthetic and natural looking, to ensure your new smile shows off the best version of you

  • Dental veneers are strong, functional and long lasting for a smile that will last 15-20 years

  • Dental veneers cost from £636 per tooth and we will provide a full breakdown of costs during your free cosmetic consultation

Friendly and professional service with careful attention to patient's needs

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Your dental veneers treatment journey

Your smile makeover starts right here

  • 1. Your free cosmetic consultation

    We are pleased to offer free cosmetic consultations with our experienced dentists, Dr Carmen Pop and Dr Vasiliki Stamatoukou. This will allow our dentists to speak to you about your smile goals so that they can suggest dental veneer treatment options for you.

  • 2. Ready to go ahead?

    If you decide that dental veneer treatment is for you, we will book your first appointment at a time that suits you.

  • 3. Your first dental veneers appointment

    To prepare your teeth for your dental veneers, we will remove a small amount of enamel from the surface of your teeth. We will take a digital impression and then fit temporary veneers while your permanent ones are being made in the dental laboratory.

  • 4. Your second dental veneers appointment

    We will remove your temporary veneers and try your permanent ones to ensure that you are happy with your new smile. We can make changes until the result matches your smile goals; once it does, we will permanently fit your final veneers.

  • 5. Regular dental check ups

    Great oral health is key to a good-looking smile for the long term. That’s why we advise that you continue to attend your regular dental health examinations and hygiene appointments to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy, protecting the investment you have made in your smile.

        Dental veneers at Drayton Dental Care

        For patients who are looking to mask imperfections and improve their smile, dental veneers can be an effective treatment option. Dental veneers are very thin porcelain shells that are custom made in the dental lab to fit over your teeth, creating a highly aesthetic smile.

        At Drayton Dental Care we can use a single dental veneer or multiple veneers depending on your individual smile needs. We will listen to what you like and dislike about your smile to gain an in-depth understanding of the look you want to achieve, before creating your bespoke treatment plan.

        Your veneers will be crafted at our expert dental laboratory using the highest quality porcelain. The final veneers will fit seamlessly to enhance your smile.

        Book your free cosmetic consultation today.

        How can veneers improve your smile?

        We can use dental veneers to mask a variety of imperfections such as chipped teeth, crooked teeth, gaps and uneven spacing, and stubborn stains.

        Veneers can be used to:

        • Conceal chipped or broken teeth

        • Create a more aesthetic tooth shape

        • Boost the shade for a brighter smile

        • Mask crooked teeth to create the appearance of a straighter smile

        With good care and maintenance, you should be able to keep your dental veneers for 15-20 years before replacements are required.

        Free cosmetic consultations

        We are pleased to offer free cosmetic consultations with our experienced dentists, Dr Carmen Pop and Dr Vasiliki Stamatoukou. This will allow you to discuss what you like and dislike about your smile, and we can make treatment suggestions based on your unique needs.

        Get in touch with us on 01603 860 885 to book your free cosmetic consultation.

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