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We are delighted to offer Invisalign treatment at Drayton Dental Care, delivered by our friendly and experienced dental team. Dr Matt Clare is our specialist orthodontist, and Invisalign Diamond Provider. He works with our Invisalign team on Invisalign cases, from simple to complex, meaning your care is always in the best hands.
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All you need to know about Invisalign®

  • Discreet treatment option. You can keep the fact that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment a secret from friends, family and work colleagues

  • Invisalign is good for treating mild to moderate cases in patients of all ages

  • The average treatment time with Invisalign is 6-18 months

  • The clear aligners fit over your teeth and have no metal parts to irritate delicate gums

  • The Invisalign aligners can be easily removed for eating, brushing your teeth, and the occasional night out. This means that they are better for the health of your gums

  • Thanks to our advanced software and iTero scanner, you can see a 3D digital preview of how your smile will look before your treatment starts

  • We are the only practice in Norwich to become a dedicated Invisalign Smile Zone. If you would like to see how you’d look with a straight new smile – it takes just 60 seconds! Please get in touch to arrange

  • Treatment at Drayton Dental Care is provided by our experienced dentists and a specialist orthodontist, meaning that you will receive the best care at every stage of your journey

  • Invisalign clear aligners start at £2,200 and we are pleased to offer finance options to help spread the cost of treatment

  • Your Invisalign package includes free teeth whitening and one set of retainers

I have recently completed my Invisalign treatment with Matt and Vas. From the very first appointment to my most recent last appointment I have been met with pure professionalism, confidence, incredible knowledge, first class skills (award winning in fact!) and generally lovely people.

Terri W


Starting from*


*Price is dependent on treatment needs

0% interest finance from £183.34 per month

we also offer low interest credit over a longer term

Treatment time

6-18 months

Your Invisalign treatment journey

Are you dreaming of a straighter smile?
Let's get started...

  • 1. Your free Invisalign consultation

    We are pleased to offer free cosmetic consultations with our experienced Invisalign dentists, Dr Carmen Pop and Dr Vasiliki Stamatoukou. This allows our dentists to grade the complexity of your case and determine which type of Invisalign treatment is most suitable for you.

  • 2. Digital scan and smile simulation

    Using our iTero scanner, Dr Carmen and Dr Vasiliki will take a digital scan of your teeth and show you, in 3D, a simulated image of how your smile will look after Invisalign treatment. They will also take external photos of your smile and face. You will receive a copy of the scan and simulation via email, along with your bespoke treatment plan and associated fees.

  • 3. Complex cases and growing children

    If your case is more complex, an appointment with our specialist orthodontist, Dr Matt Clare, will be recommended. This will allow us to put together the best treatment plan for your individual needs. The cost for a consultation with Dr Matt is £250.

  • 4. Ready to go ahead?

    If you decide that Invisalign treatment is for you, your next appointment will be for an OPG scan. This is a panoramic scan of your upper and lower jaws and gives us a full and detailed picture to work with. The cost of this appointment is £350, which will be deducted from your treatment fee. This appointment also includes a preview of your treatment via the Invisalign Clincheck software, as well as a personal discussion of your case with your clinician.

  • 5. Start wearing your aligners

    When your Invisalign aligners are ready, we will book an appointment to show you how to fit and remove them. You should wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, removing them only to eat meals and snacks, and to clean them twice a day. We will explain how to clean and look after your aligners, and how often to change them.

  • 6. Regular appointments

    Your dental team will need to check the progress of your treatment and adjust your plan if required, so we will schedule regular appointments to see you. During these appointments you can ask us any questions you have about your treatment, or just have a catch up – we love that!

  • 7. Smile care

    Once your treatment is complete, we will take clinical photos to compare your before and after result. Have a look below to see some of our recent results with Invisalign. As part of your package, you will receive Invisalign retainers to maintain your new, straight smile and free teeth whitening to add some extra sparkle.

        What is Invisalign?

        Invisalign is the global leader and most well-known and highly respected system for straightening teeth using clear aligners. It works by using a series of clear aligners that fit over your teeth to gently guide them into the desired position over time.

        Invisalign is a removable orthodontic system that uses no brackets or wires, making it a very discreet method of straightening your teeth. The aligners are easy to keep clean, and removable for eating meals.

        At Drayton Dental Care in Drayton, Norwich, we have treated many patients – and some of our own team ­– using the Invisalign system, just look at our gorgeous before and after smile gallery to see the difference it can make.

        The benefits of a straighter smile

        The main benefit of a straight smile is how it can make you feel. If crooked teeth have been bothering you for years, Invisalign treatment can give you the ability to smile with confidence. 

        In addition to boosting the way you look and feel, a straighter smile is often a healthier smile. This is because straight teeth are easier to keep clean as there are less nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide in. This is why crooked teeth are more prone to plaque build-up, which can lead to gum disease. Your hygienist will love you even more with your healthier, straight smile! 

        At Drayton Dental Care, we are fans of Invisalign because it is a non-invasive treatment that is kind to the teeth. We don’t have to remove any healthy tooth structure – unlike some other cosmetic treatments, such as dental veneers – making it a beneficial option for you. 

        As well as our own orthodontic retainers, we also offer Invisalign Vivera retainers. Wearing retainers is recommended to maintain your new straight smile will stay perfect for a lifetime. Wearing these at night will help your teeth to stay in their new position forever, making Invisalign an excellent investment in your smile.

        Really welcoming and helpful staff. I've been going through my Invisalign procedure for over a year, and thanks to Dr Vasiliki and the team, I now have the smile I always wanted! Keep up the excellent work!

        Natasha N

        Why choose Invisalign at Drayton Dental Care?

        Dr Matt Clare (GDC no. 72274) is a full-time orthodontist recognised by the General Dental Council as a specialist in the field of orthodontics.  

        Dr Matt has been transforming smiles with Invisalign clear aligners for many years and has even featured on ITV. Invisalign currently recognises him nationally by awarding him Invisalign Diamond Provider status and also internationally by awarding him an Invisalign Peer Review award in 2018. This is when a case has been voted on as one of the best cases to be completed within Europe within a certain year. It is now used as a global example of what Invisalign can achieve. Most recently, Dr Clare won the award of Best Invisalign Transformation (South of England) at the Aesthetic Dentistry awards in London 2021.  

        Thanks to Dr Matt’s Invisalign expertise alongside the experience of our dentists, we are pleased to treat all cases, from simple to complex, to an exceptionally high standard. This provides the peace of mind that your smile is always in the best hands.

        Dr Matt Clare

        specialist orthodontist

        Your Invisalign experts in Drayton, Norwich

        At Drayton Dental Care we are committed to providing every patient with high quality treatment and care, which is why we invest in the best technology, materials, and team members. 

        Our dental team is highly experienced and benefits from having an orthodontic specialist working with us. Dr Matt Clare has undertaken additional, extensive training to become a specialist in the field of teeth straightening, meaning that we are able to treat every Invisalign case, even the difficult ones. 

        We have an iTero scanner onsite that allows us to scan your teeth to create accurate digital impressions that are used to form your treatment plan. Not only is this much more comfortable for you, it is more precise and enables us to use software to simulate how your smile will look after treatment.

        Our Invisalign dentists

        Dr Matt Clare

        Dr Matt is a national and international award-winning specialist orthodontist and Diamond Invisalign provider. He works with the dentists here at Drayton Dental Care, Norwich to provide Invisalign invisible braces in a safe and efficient manner.

        Dr Carmen Pop

        Dr Carmen has been providing orthodontic treatment with clear aligners since 2009 and is also an Invisalign Clinical Advisor, mentoring and teaching other dentists on case treatment planning. She deepens her knowledge by completing many courses in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

        Dr Vasiliki Stamatoukou

        Dr Vasiliki has a vast clinical experience of 22 years and offers a holistic and personalised approach to patients’ needs and expectations. She has a particular interest in minimally-invasive cosmetic dentistry, especially composite bonding and orthodontics.

        Free Invisalign consultations

        Welcome to Drayton Dental

        We are pleased to offer free cosmetic consultations with our resident Invisalign dentists, Dr Carmen Pop and Dr Vasiliki Stamatoukou. This will allow our dentists to grade the complexity of your case and determine which type of Invisalign treatment is most suitable for you. 

        For more complex cases, an appointment with our visiting specialist orthodontist, Dr Matt Clare, will be recommended. The cost for a consultation with Dr Matt is £250. 

        Get in touch with us on 01603 860 885 to book your free Invisalign consultation.

        Smile gallery

        Take a look at our Invisalign before and after smile gallery to see a sample of some of the beautiful smiles we have created.

        Get in touch with us on 01603 860 885 to book your free Invisalign consultation.

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