There's no need to fear

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Dental anxiety


Dental anxiety causes around 25 per cent of the population to avoid visiting the dentist. These statistics cause us great concern at Drayton Dental near Hellesdon and Taverham.

Poor dental health is linked to heart disease, bacterial lung infections, premature births, diabetes and strokes, meaning regular visits for dental health reviews are vital to maintaining good general health and dental wellbeing.

Please don’t neglect your dental wellbeing because of dental phobia – speak to us, we can help. We find that even with the most nervous of patients, all they need is time and kindness. Our appointments are calm, unhurried and welcoming and you will find our chairside manner is excellent. If you are anxious about your dental or hygiene appointments, please call us for a chat first. You are welcome to visit us, meet our team and have a look around before going anywhere near a dental chair.

I thought the rubber sheets that were used when I had a filling were helpful as I normally find that any bits during treatment fall into my mouth. It stopped that from happening and made me less nervous.
— Vicky


Painless injections

Fortunately modern dentistry has moved a long way from the ‘drilling, filling or pulling’ days of old, but sometimes it is necessary to receive an injection for treatment.

Whether you are a nervous patient or not, most people don’t like the thought of having an injection. This is why we offer The Wand - a computerised injection system that provides pain-free injections with no thick lip afterwards.

The Wand is a pre-anaesthetic technique than numbs the gum before the injection is started. This provides a topical anaesthetic just before we inject into the tissue, making the entire process painless. There is no extra charge for having injections with The Wand.