Dental Hygiene

Healthy teeth for life in Drayton, Taverham and Hellesdon


We believe hygiene therapy is the most important service we provide at Drayton Dental. Dentists treat disease but hygienists will help you prevent it.

Healthy gums promote healthier teeth and without healthy gums, cosmetic or dental treatments to restore your mouth’s function are not possible.

 Gum disease affects 80% of adults and more than half of all teenagers. It’s the biggest cause of tooth loss and is linked to heart disease, bacterial lung infections, diabetes, premature births and strokes. New research also suggestions there may be a link to dementia. 

But with good dental care and regular visits to the hygienist, the risks can be easily controlled...

Our hygienists are professionally trained to the highest standard, meaning whomever you see, you are guaranteed hygiene care that is second to none.

During your hygiene appointment we will undertake a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. After a session with our hygiene team you will feel and see a real difference in your teeth.

Our hygiene team will:

  • prevent and manage gum disease

  • deep clean your teeth and gums

  • relieve bad breath and bad tastes

  • advise on brushing and flossing techniques

  • recommend inter-dental products for your mouth

  • provide diet and lifestyle advice

  • provide air polishing to remove stains and return lustre*

  • see patients on a direct access basis meaning you don't have to be a patient of the practice or see a dentist first

    *Additional fee

Regular visits will minimise the chances of you needing invasive dental treatment in the future.

Very impressed with the hygiene treatment, which was pain free and thorough. Very friendly staff. Would recommend the hygiene treatment for healthy gums and teeth.
— Bruce Rust
I saw Colette for direct access hygiene. She was meticulous in her approach and my teeth felt really clean and bright at the end of the 30-minute appointment. I was also given some great hygiene tips, which I have been continuing to do daily to improve my oral health.
— Vix
I am absolutely thrilled with the results of the air polishing treatment I received from Debbie. In less than 20 minutes the stains from my teeth, which I thought were permanent, seemed to disappear and I was left with clean, shiny teeth. As a fairly nervous patient I was put at ease and would definitely recommend this treatment.
— J.H