“As soon as i came to drayton dental care i knew this was where i wanted my invisalign treatment”

September 27, 2021

We are so grateful to our patient Andrea Campbell for her testimonial about her Invisalign treatment at Drayton Dental Care near Norwich.

In her video Andrea talks about her Invisalign journey and experience with choosing cheaper alternatives off the internet. Here’s a sneak preview:

“I didn’t start with Invisalign – there are so many options on the internet and I thought I’m not going to pay when I can get it for half price. I actually tried two internet companies and they send you the imprints and you send them back and get the aligners. I had a terrible time with both of them.

“In a way I was glad I had those experiences because when I started to research Invisalign and my options I just knew it was worth the money. And actually, now that I’ve come to the end of my treatment I think it’s a bargain.

“I also decided I would ty out other dentists, so I went to a few in Norwich who offer Invisalign and had free consultations. I really wasn’t sure after I left whether I wanted to make the investment with them.

“As soon as I came to Drayton Dental Care I knew that I was ready to make the investment and this was the team I wanted to work with. The friendliness, professionalism and confidence they instilled in me made me want to come back.”

Click here to watch her video in full!

We are delighted to offer the full range of aligners at Drayton Dental in School Road. Popular with orthodontic specialists and dentists worldwide, Invisalign aligners are manufactured to fit your teeth, with treatment carried out to the highest possible standard.

Why choose Invisalign at Drayton Dental?

Dr Matt Clare (GDC no. 72274) is a full time, award-winning orthodontist recognised by the General Dental Council as a specialist in the field of orthodontics and he works with the dentists here at Drayton Dental Care to provide Invisalign invisible braces.

Matt has been transforming smiles with Invisalign clear aligners for many years. Invisalign has recognised him nationally and awarded him Invisalign Diamond Provider status in recognition of his experience and expertise in treating complex cases with this virtually invisible, aligner-based system.

FREE consultation

We are pleased to offer free cosmetic consultations for our Invisalign treatments to allow our orthodontist to grade the complexity of your case and determine which type of treatment is most suitable for you. Call us now on 01603 860885 to book and find out how we can transform your smile!

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