Our goal at Drayton Dental is for every one of our patients to achieve lifelong dental wellbeing.

Older couple with dental implants from Drayton Dental

Why join our dental Practice?

  • Oral cancer screening for your peace of mind

  • Unhurried appointments

  • Thorough dental health examinations

  • Forging relationships that are based on trust

  • Nervous patients especially welcome

  • Transparent and upfront treatment planning & estimates

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From your initial consultation through to your treatment and ongoing care, we take all the time we need to ensure your long term dental health and confident smile.

You will be warmly welcomed by a member of our team who will ask you to complete a medical form and provide details of your dental history. If you are nervous, please tell us as we can help.

Your first appointment will last around 30 minutes and provides a thorough review of your dental wellbeing. We aim to provide a service and relationship that our patients can trust and continue with throughout their lives. By working together we will help you to smile with confidence, have fresher breath and enjoy good general health and wellbeing.

Here is an overview of what we look to cover during your first examination appointment:

  1. Your general health, wellbeing and medication will be discussed and the impact on your oral health and treatments considered.

  2. Your teeth will be examined for decay, sensitivity, fractures and abnormal wear.

  3. Restorations such as fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges and dentures will be examined to ensure they are still sound.

  4. Any gum inflammation, bleeding, gum disease, plaque retentive factors and recession will be assessed.

  5. Your bite will be assessed, because the way that your teeth meet can affect your jaw, teeth and any dental work present in your mouth.

  6. We will look at the inside of your mouth (tongue, cheek, palate etc) which can be affected by health conditions including mouth cancer, reactions to medications and diseases affecting the immune system.

  7. We usually recommend a hygiene clean and polish and oral hygiene assessment.

  8. Following this comprehensive examination, advice will be given and any appropriate treatment tailored to your individual needs and wishes.

Once your examination is complete the dentist will discuss the findings with you. We will then create a treatment plan with alternative options, including all the benefits and risks of each procedure and the cost. This will allow you to decide what is best for your long term dental health and help you decide a plan for the best way forward.

We look forward to meeting you and your family – and remember, children receive free dental health examinations until their 18th birthday when a parent joins our practice and attends a family appointment. 

Without doubt this is what a dental practice is all about. A small team of dedicated clinicians that care about you in a way that no longer exists through company owned dental practices. Rated 5 Star plus in every aspect, from arriving on the car park to the feeling of confidence and care when you leave. Rated then by my personal experience as outstanding.
— Mr C
I would just like to say a big thank you for everything. As someone who really dislikes any dental work, Debbie and the team there have enabled me to re-establish confidence in being able to carry-out what has been required after a very long time away from any dentist. Thank you very much.
— Mr R
Best ever injection, pain free – I did not feel a thing. I was told step by step what was going to happen, so I was totally at ease. Great friendly service – I should have gone to them earlier. For all my treatment the cost didn’t hurt either. In the past I have paid more on the NHS and felt unhappy.
— Beryl Hill, crown and fillings