Are you taking a fresh look at your teeth during our new zoom age?

August 12, 2020

The popularity of Zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams and the like has skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic and we have all had to get used to seeing ourselves online more often than we used to, say Drayton dentists Debbie Paramani and Vasiliki Stamatoukou.

Our appearances have come in for greater scrutiny recently, not least because the hairdressers, beauty salons and nail bars had to shut up shop for so many weeks. Most of us are not used to seeing so much of ourselves chatting, laughing, snacking or listening - and certainly not digitally.

Yes, we may look in a mirror when brushing our teeth, putting on make-up or doing our hair but not when we are captured on a screen behaving naturally. And this has led some people to reconsider how they feel about their teeth.

Before Covid, our team at Drayton Dental Care in School Road found that patients would say they hated having their photo taken or always smiled with their mouths closed to avoid showing their crooked teeth.

Now, they say it’s more about hating looking at themselves on a screen. And many are choosing to do something about it by researching how to improve their smiles.

Affordable solutions

You’ll be amazed at the affordable solutions our talented dental team have for improving smiles – some of which can be completed in a single appointment, such as composite bonding to restore whiteness to stained teeth, close gaps, repair chips or even correct twisted teeth.

And spotlessly clean, shiny teeth always look great, so consider booking a hygiene appointment for adding that deep cleaned brightness to your smile.

Tooth whitening is one of the most cost effective ways to give your smile a boost and once your trays have been made, this can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.

Invisalign virtually invisible teeth straightening

If you’re considering straightening your teeth, look no further than Drayton Dental. Our award-winning specialist orthodontist Matt Clare will plan and prescribe your Invisalign treatment – and we include free whitening and retainers in the price too!

Investing in yourself

You may have saved money during lockdown or by staying in the UK rather than holidaying abroad. Why not invest that unspent cash on you! This could be your once in a lifetime chance to finally get the smile you’ve always wanted.

If you would like to find out how we can help improve your teeth, contact us for more information. We have affordable options, payment solutions and 0% finance to help spread the cost. We look forward to hearing from you.

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